termespheres: up down and all around exhibit Termespheres Up Down & All Around Geometry in Your Visual World

South Dakota artist Dick Termes' "Up Down & All Around: Geometry in Your Visual World" exhibit helps students see and learn about the orders of total visual space.

download files

  • Bookmarks: pdf pdf icon
    Four one-sided bookmarks will print on a lettersize sheet of paper. Print with a color printer and on white cardstock. Simply cut out the bookmarks as needed.
  • Flyer: pdf pdf icon
    Simply print this out to help advertise the exhibit!
  • Logos
  • Manual: pdf pdf icon or by section
    The complete manual is a download of over 10 MB. The Termespheres manual is also available by section in smaller downloads. These reporting forms are linked here for your convenience.
    • **Exhibit Condition and Inventory : pdf pdf icon 86 kb
    • **Story Time Kit Inventory: pdf pdf icon
    • **In Kind Reporting Forms: pdf pdf icon
    • **Link to Evaluation: HOP Survey
    • Preview of Evaluation Form: pdf pdf icon

    ** These forms are returned to the SD Discovery Center

    photo gallery
    previewed at the South Dakota Discovery Center in June 2008


    trailer requirements:
     - 2" ball hitch
    - 4 flat brake hook up w/ 7 round adapter

    Read more about Termespheres at Termespheres.com

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